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Life lessons from the life of Purple Group's Kapil Taneja, Jaipur - Kapil Taneja
Kapil Taneja

Kapil Taneja, Jaipur -- Founder of Purple Group

We all know the Purple Group founded by Kapil Taneja of Jaipur for its innovative real estate projects. This is the real estate group who are developing the tallest residential building in posh Vaishali Nagar locality.

The purple group has many infrastructure achievements to boast. They have given the first and the largest commercial mall and residential apartment to western Rajasthan with the City Centre of Barmer. They have also developed the first and the tallest twin tower in Alwar as Panache. And the journey is going on and on.

This new-age infrastructure company is a brainchild of Mr. Kapil Taneja who is gifted with a great foresight and a splendid vision. The thought-process and planning of Kapil Taneja are truly reflected in the opulent and creative projects of Purple Group.

This makes us think to learn life lessons and get motivation from this influential entrepreneur -- Kapil Taneja. His story has a lot to offer us and of course, his successes truly speak for himself.

1. Showcase Real Enthusiasm

Kapil Taneja was enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and the process of business at a very early age of just 15 years. He started to learn the skills required to do business from his uncle on completion of his skill.

This is the kind of enthusiasm you have to invest in the area you want to thrive. After two years, in the tender of age of 17, he started his first venture.

When most of us at this age, struggle to save our pocket money Kapil Taneja turn his enthusiasm to make his dream come true. He became a businessman.

2. Risk Taking is Essential

It is always important to take the hard road and Kapil Taneja knew it right from the start. And his journey shows us how much it worked for him. He took his first risk with his and the second big risk with started share trading and opening his own sub-brokership firm of Nirmal Securities in a small town of Rajasthan in Shri Madhopur. It did fail but let's appreciate his risk-taking bravado, so that someday we can be brave enough to take a risk.

3. There is always a better beginning after failure

Life doesn't always go as per our plans and maps. This journey is uncertain and it has his fair shares of difficulties and mishaps. That's how Kapil Taneja dealt with all the challenges he found on his journey of success.

There was a time when he was left with nothing from his established share broking business with Motilal Oswal. His employees planned a fraud behind his back but he got up, learned a lesson and started again to thrive.

Purple Group far exceeded our expectations! The group went above and beyond and made a VERY emotional decision a very pleasant one!

Himanshu Saxena

4. Thinking way ahead

The kind of construction projects developed by Purple Group, the real estate company of Mr. Kapil Taneja reflects his farsighted vision. They are extraordinary and yet in harmony with the basic needs of society. These buildings have given people a creative way to live life.

Your product should reflect your uniqueness. This is what we learn from Kapil Taneja.

5. Care for the underprivileged

Kapil Taneja knows how to pay back to the society which has rewarded him with such a good repute. He is a responsible man who wants to share his growth with people in need.

This is reflected in his Good Vibes Foundation's initiative of running a school for children of laborers at the construction society.

Final Word

Let's reflect on these lessons from Kapil Taneja's life and implement them in our lives to achieve great successes like him.